Friday, December 16, 2016

Sports and the Death of Craig Sager

As many of you know, I am a huge sports fan.  I love the the preparation, the competition, the victory and the losses. I love both team sports, and individual sports.  I love the physical feats, the endurance, and the dedication it takes to be the best.  

I love the stories surrounding the sports.  The sports reporters and commentators that bring us the human side of the players. 

Al Michaels - “Do you believe in miracles” still echoes in my head when my brother and I snuck down into the basement to watch USA Hockey defeat the Russians in 1980.  

Howard Cosell announcing John Lennon’s death on Monday Night Football (also in 1990).

Dick Vitale single handedly created a college basketball fan for me and millions others

Jack Brickhouse and the Cubs.  I remember listening to him call games on my transistor radio with an earphone while mowing the lawn as a kid, or sneaking night games with the radio hidden under the pillow. “Hey Hey!"
Harry Caray - “Holy Cow!”, “Cub’s Win!  Cubs Win! Cubs Win!”, “It might be, It could be, It is!"

Then came Jim Valvano and his unforgettable speech at the ESPY’s as he knew he was dying of cancer, he gave us all one last lesson on how to live…

Stuart Scott’s brave speech also at the ESPY’s

Craig Sager’s died yesterday of Leukemia.  He brought his colorful personality and sportcoats to the NBA.  I loved his personality, his commentary and his boldness and courage.  Seriously - who else could pull off some of those outfits!?!?  Not everyone loved his choice of clothing, but everyone loved his sense of style when he was interviewing.  He will be missed.